Responsible entrepreneurship is a company's natural and voluntary integration of the economic, environmental and social dimensions into the company's daily activities, management and business strategy.

Prime Line OÜ is a member of the Responsible Business Forum with a recognized certificate and a bronze level quality label.


♦ Through business, we create added value for our employees, partners, community and society.

♦ We formulate clear principles of responsibility in our company and ensure that they are applied consistently in Estonia and other markets where we operate.

♦ Being ethical in our business activities, we contribute to the development of the business environment.

♦ We ensure that the principles of equal treatment are followed in our company.

♦ We share our knowledge and experience to raise awareness of the importance of responsible business in society.

♦ We avoid and minimize possible damage to the living environment and communities in our business activities.

Since 2005, the Responsible Business Forum has been developing the topic of responsible business in Estonia and brings together companies practicing responsible business in Estonia as the only organization, today having a strong network of members and actively cooperating with authorities that are important for entrepreneurs. The purpose of the forum is to promote the way of thinking that responsible business activity is beneficial for the company, simple and reputable in practice. The Responsible Business Forum unites companies for whom it is important to act responsibly in order to ensure the sustainability of their company, society and country.