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THERMO-KING composter 900L

Easy to fill thanks to two, large filling hatches Fast composting due to optimal aeration system and thermo walls made from thermolene® Assemble without tools Cover lock for summer / winter operation to regulate the air circulation and for wind-proofing Made from 100% recycled material (PP) Accessory: Soil fence (not included in the scope of delivery)

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Planting pots, Cultivation
Planting pots, Cultivation

Planting pots, Cultivation

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Seedling box Propagator lego

Väga hea kastike alusel, soovitame südamest. Kokkupandav, taaskasutatav ja on valmistatud taimedele ohutu plastikust. Ühe lahtri suurus on 7x7х10cm, kokku on 10 ava. Kasti täissuurus on 38x16х10cm.

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Three Top Windowsill Propagator

Propagator ideally sized for windowsills with three separate sections, the propagator is supplied with 3 high dome propagators - each 23cm long by 17cm wide. The propagator units are ideal for growing seeds in volume and particularly suited to larger cuttings. Size Check: 76cm Long, 18.5cm Wide, 20.5cm High

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One Top Electric Propagator 8w

Compact electric propagator featuring 8 watt heated base. Ideal for seeds and cuttings. Features injection moulded growing tray and crystal clear high dome vented cover to create optimal growing conditions