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THERMO-KING composter 900L

Easy to fill thanks to two, large filling hatches Fast composting due to optimal aeration system and thermo walls made from thermolene® Assemble without tools Cover lock for summer / winter operation to regulate the air circulation and for wind-proofing Made from 100% recycled material (PP) Accessory: Soil fence (not included in the scope of delivery)

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Lamp hangers Easy-Roller

Easy Roller the pair (original Sacla), fixing of lamps, adjustable suspension lighting.Self-locking pulley system in one direction and each supporting a maximum weight of 5kg (10kg).Allowing to raise or lower your lamps on 120cm.Simple and very functional.

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Lamp hangers Superfix by Superplant

An innovative and high performance pulley system. You can hang your lamps equipped with heavy reflectors or your ventilation system.Set includes 2 pair of holders.Each pair is supporting a maximum weight of 68kg.

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Indoorled Panel SMD 12W 6500K 30x30cm

Led horticultural SMD IndoorLed it is 60% energy saving on average compared to a traditional light. Contemporary shape, extra flat, white design, these light panels will appeal to you. These Panels Leds in horticultural use the technology of SMD Led. It will allow you a real energy-saving due to very low electricity consumption.

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TLED is a 220 volt LED light with a very long life. It is ideal for low plants and can also be used as a complement to a lighting system by clipping onto the vertical poles of your grow room.Higher light penetration than TCL or T8 technology.