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THERMO-KING composter 900L

Easy to fill thanks to two, large filling hatches Fast composting due to optimal aeration system and thermo walls made from thermolene® Assemble without tools Cover lock for summer / winter operation to regulate the air circulation and for wind-proofing Made from 100% recycled material (PP) Accessory: Soil fence (not included in the scope of delivery)

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Lamp hangers Easy-Roller

Easy Roller the pair (original Sacla), fixing of lamps, adjustable suspension lighting.Self-locking pulley system in one direction and each supporting a maximum weight of 5kg (10kg).Allowing to raise or lower your lamps on 120cm.Simple and very functional.

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Pot Press Ø 4.5

Sturdy plastic pot press for making Ø 4.5 cm starter pots from moist soil. With the pot press you can make your own small starter pots. Before pressing, the soil mixture (seed starting mix/potting soil mixed with sand) must be liberally moistened. Ideal for use in seed trays Easy to measure out

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Rooting ball - Size M, 1pcs

Facilitate the propagation of your plants thanks to its ultra practical rooting balls.Cutting your plants becomes child's play with VG Garden. No more headaches and opt for a simple and non-traumatic solution for the mother plant by helping the branches to take root quickly and complete reproduction and replication.Seasoned gardeners know that selecting...

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Lamp hangers Superfix by Superplant

An innovative and high performance pulley system. You can hang your lamps equipped with heavy reflectors or your ventilation system.Set includes 2 pair of holders.Each pair is supporting a maximum weight of 68kg.

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Drying net Drynet 8 floors

Ideal for drying or other aromatic herbs flowers and fruits. Can be installed in a growing room or other space dedicated to drying. Diameter: Ø 60 cm Total Height: 180 cm Storey height: 17.5 cm 8 floors

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Clip Fan 2 Speeds 18cm 20w - Advanced Star

Enjoy the fan clip on oscillating-available in Indoor growing, it easily fits into the culture chambers thanks to its clamp. The fan clips of 20cm in diameter is extremely practical in the culture chambers of small and medium dimensions.2 speeds and oscillating.diameter : 18cmConsumption : 20W (220-240V)